Sunset Acres Cool J

Wool Spot
DOB 22nd Sept 07

Sire:BJ Spot On and On

Dam: Sunset Acres Myrrha


Light Red Grey and White Wooly Spotted Jack

30.25"  at 31 months


Cool J is a small sized extra stocky Jack that served his first Jennys in September 2009. He has the rare long haired gene and he is classified as a wooly.

Cool J was bred at Sunset Acres in Nebraska , he had a 20" birth height and he is from small lineage.

He is a friendly laid back little fellow and we eagerly await his offspring.




Available for Stud



Grand Sire: Conrads Spot On Grey White Spot 32"

Sire: BJ Spot On and On 30.75"

Grand Dam: BJ Cheyenne Brown Grey 30.75"


Grand Sire Dewey Meadows Primo 32 " Dk Brown White Spot

Dam:Sunset Acres Myryha Cara 31.5" Black

Grand Dam: MGF Venus Dark Damsel 31.25" Brown